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STEAM - ICT -Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics 

At St. Vincent’s we are committed to engaging students through the use of a range of tools, like ICT and believe that using ICT helps to build the knowledge, skills and understandings for every member of the class.

St Vincents have purchased Robotic Technology (DOT and DASH), that assist young minds to use robots and computer software to devolop their coding skills.

A lot of research exists regarding the role of Information and Communication Technologies in the classroom. One of the major advantages of ICT in the early years according to the IT learning exchange (2001) is that there is evidence to suggest that the relationship between ICT in schools and pupil attainment is increasing.

Another advantage for introducing ICT in the early years is that it prepares young children for living in a society that is permeated with technology. International research suggests that there is a positive relationship between schools with good ICT resources and high standards of achievement. ICT can help make teaching and learning in the classroom an engaging, active process connected to real life.