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Family School Partnership 

There is no greater time to show the value of Family School Partnership! I

It is so important that both the school and parents are on the same page when it comes to dealing with incidents of bullying...in fact to get a positive outcome, it is vital.

Bullying is something no  school condones and at St Vincent’s we have strived to put a number of things inplace to send the message of “Zero tolerance to bullying.”

For example

Developing an understanding in the school community that we have a responsibility to make sure our actions help others feel safe and be safe. 

We have a responsibility to make sure we treat others with respect and dignity . 

We are responsible for our own behaviour 

There is often more effective ways to meet our needs.

No problem is too big that we can not share it .

There is a great deal more to our behaviour management at St Vincent's and staff members are happy to discuss this with you. 

The importance of your role as parents saying that families are integral at preventing bullying at schools.

We believe there are a number of things you can do as parents.

For example

Listen carefully to your child, do not prompt, let them tell their story 

Check out the facts with the school 

Give your child positive steps they can take role playing situations with them is an excellent way to help. (It may seem a little silly but it is a powerful tool for your child) 

The school can help you with more strategies to suit your situation.