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Family School Partnership Working together to develop self sufficient children. 

As parents and educators, one of the greatest gifts that we can help our children to develop is self sufficiency. This does not mean that children will do everything perfect or " right" the first time. It does mean, however that we must give children an opportunity to do things on their own. Age appropriate self sufficiency does wonders for child's psychological and emotional development. 

The sense of empowerment a five year old gets from properly setting the table and being recognized through positive reinforcement for his actions is akin to receiving recognition on the job for us. We can't count on receiving it, we have our job to do with or without it, but gee, doesn't it feel good when it happens? In the school setting, self sufficiency becomes even more important. As parents and educators we need to move from doing everything for the child, to a monitor and support role, taking a less hands on approach.

This "space" created by the parent/teacher allows the child to ecome comfortable in their "skin"; perhaps tackling obstacles in their own way first, only asking for assistance when they feel it is necessary. This is often a very difficult expectation for us because often “getting the job done” not “developing future skills” is higher on our priority list. If our children learn how to help themselves it will pay off big time in the long run.for them and us!