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Behaviour Management

Choice Theory underpins our approach to Behaviour management at St Vincent's school.

All children come to school wanting to be liked, to belong. They all want to gain power, to learn, to have status, to have fun, to be recognised and to be happy. Each child wants to be free to be their own person or to make their own choices.

We want every child to fulfil these basic needs through school activities. 

Responsibility is the 'ability to respond' - to react to input, to respond to the world around us. Children who display disruptive/irresponsible  behaviour do not have that ability. They feel that they are trapped, or that they have no control, or that they cannot change. To gain power, they adopt roles (such as the class clown, the rule breaker or the enforcer). To have fun they excel at keeping people (especially teachers) off balance by their unpredictable behaviour. To be free they become increasingly independent and hard to control. 

Choice Theory is responsibility training. It empowers children to regain control of their lives. It gives a process to understand factors that influence behaviour, to understand and consider that information, and then take control. This supports children to grow toward being responsible, productive and happy members of society.

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