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Physical Education

At St. Vincent de Paul Primary School, we have a comprehensive physical education program that encourages general health as well as physical and social well-being. 

 We are a Bluearth School. The aim of Bluearth is to improve health and prevent diseases of sedentary living by facilitating the development of communities and individuals through participation in physical activity.  A key objective of the Bluearth program is to have the students take responsibility for their own actions, participation, effort and attitudes. One simple rule applies: students must try all activities. Children are provided with the time and opportunity to understand and appreciate what it is to be their best and to respect themselves, others and the rules of the games. In Bluearth movement programs, all children are involved and active for the entire lesson. 

Students in grades 3 to 6 are encouraged  to compete in traditional sports (soccer, netball, football, basketball, athletics and swimming) at inter-school competitions.  Children participate in Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association competitions at a local, regional and state level. 

St Vincent's school is proud of our swimming achievement: we have won the Morwell Primary schools swimming competition (Otto Ford Swimming Carnival) for the past 12 years!