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At St Vincent’s we are committed to sustainability by our actions and learning in the science area.  Over the last two years children from Prep through to Grade 6 have had the opportunity to explore: 

  • Worm farms
  • Frogs and their importance to the environment
  • Water – What is it? Where does it come from? What forms can it take? How can we keep it clean and save it?  Water catchments
  • Waste – Land Fills, recycling and reducing school yard rubbish / Plastic
  • Power – Coal / Solar / Wind / Geothermal / Tidal / Hydro
  • Trees – their importance to us – Clean air / erosion prevention / animal habitation / Rainforests (Borneo)
  • Antarctica – Its importance to sea levels, the difference between salt and fresh water, Antarctica wild life and habitat 

As well as learning about the many areas of sustainability, St Vincent’s has also installed Water Tanks, used worm farms and vegetable gardens, planted native / drought free plants.  We are conscious of the air conditioner and heater temperatures and their use.  We are vigilant at turning off lights when not in use and try to restrict our photocopying.