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2 Rowell Street Morwell VIC 3840.

Phone: 03 5134 2060

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Each day at St. Vincent de Paul Primary School, we implement a 1-hour numeracy block with key focus on Number, Space and Measurement, Chance and Data. We relate mathematics to real life situations and emphasize the use of concrete materials for developing mathematical understandings. 

At St Vincent de Paul Primary School we understand that each child learns at his/her own pace and in a variety of ways.  We emphasize the importance of providing a variety of learning experiences to cater for the different learning styles and provide opportunities for students to develop their learning in mathematics according to their individual needs. Learning strategies include open ended investigations, problem solving, discussion, outdoor mathematics activities and cooperative learning. 

St Vincent de Paul Primary School provides Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) program. This intervention is offered to grade one students who need some extra assistance in the area of Mathematics. The students work with two other students and a specially trained teacher for 30 minutes per day.  An individual learning plan and focused  series of lessons is developed for each student.